Entrance 2X1 at Barbaresco Tower
Vinum Alba

Purchase online the Full Wine tasting Carnet and by buying an entrance ticket to the Barbaresco Tower and a glass of Barbaresco, the second glass is free.

The village of Barbaresco is characterized by the masonry skyline of its medieval tower, the largest and most solid one in Piedmont.
From its top, the view extends beyond the river Tanaro, located about 200 meters below, towards Langhe, Roero, Asti and the farthest Monferrato, and also towards the alpine chain.
It remained a ruin for a long time, but it can now be visited after a careful restoration and is one of the main tourist attractions of the area.
Visiting it on a clear and bright day is highly recommended, so you can fully enjoy the view.
The Tower has a panoramic walkway in glass and steel placed at 13 meters high.
The visit
The tower’s restoration comes from the fusion between the medieval building and the modern use of glass and steel.
A panoramic lift takes visitors to 13 meters high, where a suspended panoramic walkway allows access to the ticket office and then to the tower.
The choice of the crystal flooring is not random, but it helps to reveal the inside of the tower making what is ancient and what is modern clearly distinguishable.
The view from the top gives a glance to the bottom of the pit, last bastion for those who would be in a situation of extreme defense in ancient times.

Barbaresco tower, Barbaresco
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10.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m. all days