Entrance 2×1 for WIMU – Wine Museum – Barolo
Vinum Alba

Purchase online the Full Wine Tastings Carnet: you are entitled to a free entrance if you buy an entrance ticket for the Wimu.


The most innovative wine museum in Italy, and one of the most important in the world, opened its doors in September 2010. It is located in the heart of a territory famous all over the world for its wines and inside a castle with an age-old history, unfolding along its five floors.
The Museum is a result of François Confino’s inspiration, curator of exhibitions and museums around the world, and it proposes an interactive and emotional journey through the culture and tradition of wine, a cultural product capable of marking the evolution of entire civilizations, influencing the artistic expression and shaping the aspect of territories and communities.
This aspect, this close relationship between men and the interweaving of their own stories – transversal to countless civilizations – can explain us what WiMu is. As expressed by Confino himself: «I have visited several museums dedicated to wine in the world. Nevertheless, none of them describes the extraordinary and cultural dimension of wine. For me, however, it was crucial to create a sort of poetic tour. This is not a place where you learn how wine is made, but a place that talks about the relationship between us and “him”».
The tour is structured as a deep descent into the wine culture: the suggestion of going into the mysteries and myths of the fruit of Bacchus corresponds to the physical sensation of reaching the heart of the Falletti castle, following the tour that from the third floor goes to the basement levels.

Castello Comunale Falletti di Barolo
Piazza Falletti, Barolo
tel. + 39 0173 386 697
www.wimubarolo.it – info@wimubarolo.it
10.30 a.m. – 7.00 p.m. open all days, including public holidays (last entrance: 6.00pm).