Cellar Réva – Chef Francesco Marchese

Saturday 30th april 2022

From 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm

La Morra

Price: € 45

Visit to the cellar Réva.

At the end of the tour the chef will prepare an aperitif on site, to be served in combination with the most representative wines from the hosting cellar.

The visit includes:
– Roundtrip transport by minibus. Departure at 4.00 p.m. from Piazza Medford (Palazzo Mostre e Congressi “G. Morra”), return to Alba approximately at 7.00 p.m..
– Wine tasting and aperitif with the chef
– Wine cellar tour

The cellar

Completed at the beginning of 2020 in Gallinotto, in La Morra, Réva has created one of the most technologically advanced cellars in the area. In the new production site, each tank is at controlled temperature and all the machinery and wood present have been customized, in order to meet the real production needs, adapting, time after time, to the different types of maturation and refinement processes, in accordance to the oenological objectives to be reached. For us, using the best available technology does not mean replacing the work in the vineyard. Rather, it has the aim of preserving the purity of the harvested fruit, fully reinforcing the work done in the vineyard, enhancing the expressiveness of the different wines and the characteristics of the varietals. Therefore, we have wanted to create a cellar equipped with “surgical”, “efficient”, “versatile” and “fully controllable” technology: applications and machines capable of accompanying the slow aging of the wine in the most subtle and delicate way possible, without putting any type of pressure, to guarantee and protect the bond between the land, the grapes and the wine.

Francesco Marchese

Francesco Marchese, born in 1990, native of Veneto, is resourceful, determined and smiling. His approach to cooking came about thanks to the hotel-management school he attended in his native region and immediately he started working in some small local businesses. It did not take long before Francesco began to realize that the environment he was working in was far too small to allow him to grow and hone his skills in the kitchen. Therefore he began an experiential journey that allowed him to reach many different realities and help him develop a very high level of training. The Vecchia Malcesine restaurant on Lake Garda and the historical Hotel Laurin in Bolzano gave Francesco the necessary motivation to leave Italy and confront himself with French cuisine. He arrives in Vonnas, at Georges Blanc’s restaurant, whose menu focuses on classic Lyonnais cuisine. After a year, from the small Village Blanc, he moved to Haute Savoie to Marc Veyrat’s La Maison des Bois. Francesco has described this as the kind of job with which he most identifies. It was here that he developed his technical skills, but he also learned something new: an approach to customers based on entertainment and sensitivity, two key aspects in a restaurant that delivers a unique dining experience.Two and a half years have passed and Francesco starts straining at the leash again “…I missed the adrenalin rush that only an à la carte menu can give you,” says the chef. “Thanks to everything I have experienced in this long journey, I understood that my path had to continue towards haute cuisine, amidst the best chefs in the world. I decided to give it a try with Chef Alleno…. It has not been easy to join his brigade, but I took on another challenge and in the end I succeeded.” The three-starred cuisine of Le Pavillon Ledoyen was just what Francesco needed to consolidate his skills and, after two years, he had the great satisfaction of coming back to Italy to the Réva Resort (Monforte d’Alba -CN-) whose restaurant, the FRE restaurant, is the first Italian restaurant of the Alleno group. The FRE, 1 Michelin star since 2020, offers a unique menu in which tradition and modernity are combined thanks to the superb knowledge of the highest quality raw materials, and the masterful use of sauces and extractions that enhance the flavours of each single ingredient. A little corner of France in a breathtaking setting featuring an amphitheatre of vineyards.