Cen8 – convivial dinner at Osteria Sociale Montebellina

Sunday 5 May 2024

At 8.30 p.m.

Montebellina Osteria Sociale, Via Montebellina, 25/1, 12051 Alba CN

On 5 May, space for solidarity with a convivial dinner in collaboration with the Social Cooperative Emmaus.

At the Osteria Sociale Montebellina it will be possible to taste traditional dishes paired with wines of 8pari – a relational good produced through the employment of fragile people-, the result of the encounter between the educational agricultural activity of Progetto Emmaus, that for more than 25 years deals with social inclusion, and 8 cellars in the territory (Alberto Oggero, Cascina Fornace, Valfaccenda, Matteo Correggia, Marco and Vittorio Adriano, Agricola Brandini, Ceretto and Ascheri) to produce a wine that is GOOD, CLEAN AND RIGHT.
Founded in April 2022, the Montebellina social inn is managed by the social cooperative Progetto Emmaus together with “Coj – More than food” and with the collaboration of Circolo Montebellina Insieme.

The goal of ProgettoEmmaus is to mature breaking force of a scheme: quality cuisine is no longer associated with exclusive commercial or tourist purposes, but with a social inclusion movement.

Food becomes a tool for creating work placements, talking about rights, fighting stigma, overcoming prejudices related to the world of mental health or disability.
In the ideal of this place located in the heart of the Moretta district of Alba there is the image of a world that allows everyone equal opportunities. There is a dream of listening and restoring dignity and employment opportunities to those who would otherwise be excluded.
There is also a “connective” gesture towards the territory and the surrounding community: within these walls music, art, conviviality and simple being together want to become bridges, instruments of cohesion and beauty, antidotes to loneliness and isolation for all citizens.
For further information visit www.progettoemmaus.it


Our Amuse-Bouche
Roulade of guinea fowl and crispy vegetables with soy sauce and saffron
Traditional Giardiniera (Pickled vegetables)
Fassona tartare with burrata cheese and lemon cream
Poached egg on asparagus cream
Roero Arneis DOCG 2022 8pari con Matteo Correggia e il Dolcetto d’Alba DOC 2021 8pari con Brandini

Tortelli filled with Langa blue cheese and Madernasa pear cream
Tajarin with white lamb ragout
Barbera d’Alba DOC 2020 Superiore 8pari con Adriano Marco e Vittorio

Braised veal cheek with garnish
Langhe DOC 2021 Nebbiolo 8pari con Ceretto

Cloud of yoghurt, hazelnut and chocolate crumble and strawberry coulis