Chef Davide Palluda* – All’Enoteca

Thursday 25 april 2024

At 10.30 am

Pertinenza Castello di Roddi, via Carlo Alberto, 15 12060 Roddi (CN)

Price: € 95

Inside the Castle of Roddi, in one of the most beautiful Italian cooking schools, through theoretical-practical classes, you will be taught the recipes of  the great iconic dishes of important chefs in a truly unique location.

At the Castle there are 7 modern steel workstations fully equipped with all kitchen utensils.
Participants are always personally involved and will have the chance to taste what is being prepared, paired with a glass of wine. The educational material with the recipe and an exclusive apron will be given free of charge.

Every participant will be given free of charge:

  • the apron
  • the receipe created with the chef

The 7 workstations can be used as sigle or double.
The course has a limited number of participants and provides a maximun presence of  14 people.
The workstations are fully equipped with all the kitchen utensills necessary for the theoretical and practical  lessons.


Davide Palluda was born in 1971 in Canale, where he lives and works. After his professional studies at the Scuola Alberghiera di Barolo, he had many formative experiences in the most prestigious Italian and European kitchens.
In 1995, with his sister Ivana, he opened the All’Enoteca restaurant, which is part of the Enoteca Regionale del Roero (Roero Regional Wine Shop). In 2000 he was rated the best young chef of the year by the Espresso guide and in the same year he was awarded a Michelin Star, which he still holds today. Chef Palluda is considered to be the creator of the enhancement of the Roero table culture and is widely recognized as one of the best Italian chefs.
“Canale and the Roero area have nurtured my dreams and accompanied my ambitions as a chef. I am aware of this and very grateful. For this reason I have done everything I could to repay them: always at the forefront and in the kitchen, chef-paladin of the territory and its newly found cultural identity”.
Roero is a true microcosm, a paradise of taste, with typical local products that last all year round and are known for their intense, clear-cut flavours and early ripening.
The Chef’s solid cultural background is reflected in a personal cuisine with clear intentions: a cuisine that knows how to talk about the territory, without necessarily being trapped into traditional rhetoric. A ride through the flavours and colours of the Roero area, with the aim of reconciling tradition and innovation, rural wisdom and modern taste, documentation and research, all while respecting the full harmony that is the beacon and compass of Davide Palluda’s cuisine.
The cuisine is conceived as a tale and description of the Roero and its cultural relations with the Langa, Liguria and the Savoy city of Turin.

Ristorante all’Enoteca – Canale
* Michelin Star


Ravioli with dandelion and poppy seeds in a sour dough with walnuts and sage