Chef Federico Gallo* – Locanda del Pilone

Friday 3 May 2024

At 10.30 am

Pertinenza Castello di Roddi, via Carlo Alberto, 15 12060 Roddi (CN)

Price: € 95

Inside the Castle of Roddi, in one of the most beautiful Italian cooking schools, through theoretical-practical classes, you will be taught the recipes of  the great iconic dishes of important chefs in a truly unique location.

At the Castle there are 7 modern steel workstations fully equipped with all kitchen utensils.
Participants are always personally involved and will have the chance to taste what is being prepared, paired with a glass of wine. The educational material with the recipe and an exclusive apron will be given free of charge.

Every participant will be given free of charge:

  • the apron
  • the receipe created with the chef

The 7 workstations can be used as sigle or double.
The course has a limited number of participants and provides a maximun presence of 14 people.
The workstations are fully equipped with all the kitchen utensills necessary for the theoretical and practical  lessons.


His cuisine is an interpretation of the products of the Langhe, and his menus combine the balance and freshness of the influence of the Mediterranean tradition, rich in colours, scents and flavours with the Piedmontese tradition.
Chef Federico Gallo was born in Turin, Piedmont. After graduating in 2006, Federico started travelling, first in Italy, mainly in Tuscany, and later around the world, from Mexico to the United States. These experiences helped Federico to elegantly propose local products, creating seasonal menus inspired by the traditional raw materials of the places he visited. His cuisine is the perfect combination of tradition and innovation, mixing traditional Piedmontese and Tuscan products to create dishes impressively rich in flavours and aromas.

Locanda del Pilone– Alba
* Michelin Star



Buttons of bitter herbs and robiola cheese, hazelnuts and lemon broth