Chef Pasquale Laera* – Ristorante Borgo Sant’Anna

Sunday 5 May 2024

At 10.30 am

Pertinenza Castello di Roddi, via Carlo Alberto, 15 12060 Roddi (CN)

Price: € 95

All’interno del Castello di Roddi, in una delle più belle scuole di cucina italiane, attraverso corsi teorico pratici, vi verranno insegnate le ricette di grandi piatti icona di importanti chef in una location davvero particolare.

All’interno del Castello si trovano 7 postazioni in acciaio moderne e complete di tutti gli attrezzi da cucina.
I partecipanti sono sempre coinvolti in prima persona e avranno la possibilità di degustare ciò che si prepara, accompagnato da un calice di vino. Sempre in omaggio il materiale didattico con la ricetta e il grembiule.

A ogni partecipante verrà omaggiato:

  • il grembiule da cucina
  • la ricetta realizzata con lo chef

Le postazioni sono 7 utilizzabili individuali o doppie.
Il corso è a numero chiuso e prevede una presenza massima di 14 persone.
Le postazioni sono complete di tutte le dotazioni necessarie per lo svolgimento teorico e pratico delle lezioni.


Apulian by birth, Piedmontese by adoption: Pasquale Làera has had a passion for cooking since childhood, growing up in a family of great connoisseurs of “poor” tradition but with great taste. His studies took him to the Liceo Classico, where he acquired the desire to constantly experiment, searching for what lies behind every appearance. Driven by an insatiable appetite for novelty, he then discovered the world of catering and remained fascinated: hence the decision to change direction and enrol at the Istituto Alberghiero. He began working in Gioia del Colle, his home town, and then all over Italy, learning the different methods of kitchen management, as well as the specific recipes of the different regions of Italy. From Ottavio Surico, his first chef, he learns the tenacity and determination needed to tackle this job. After graduating in hotel management, Làera enrolled at Gualtiero Marchesi’s International School of Italian Cuisine (Alma). It was here that he met Antonino Cannavacciuolo, whose sous-chef he soon became. He turned out to be a true master, both in and out of the kitchen. The number of internships abroad also multiplied to enrich his baggage: first in Japan, where he had the opportunity to work closely with Okamoto, then in Copenhagen, at Geranium, and again in Mexico, on a journey around the world in search of the best flavours. The positive experience at Villa Crespi was followed by that at Boscareto Resort, as Executive Chef of the catering departments, including the restaurant La Rei, where Pasquale Làera was awarded his first Michelin star in 2014.
2019 sees the start of the project that led to the creation of Borgo Sant’Anna, at Monforte d’Alba, at the heart of the Langhe, which is due to receive its first Michelin star by 2020.
At Borgo Sant’Anna, the traditional knowledge and flavours of the countryside are revisited and the styles and ingredients are mixed to create something new and yet familiar. Recipes revised in the light of the chef’s experiences during his travels around the world, in search of experience and human and professional growth, which lead him to create a sensational mix of tradition and avant-garde in his dishes.
In 2022 he started a new project, five hundred metres from the Borgo.
The name of the new restaurant is Lostu, a tavern with a playful spirit, in keeping with the typical “piole” (village inn) tradition, but with a personal touch.
At Borgo Sant’Anna, customers will find a more personalised cuisine, with an avant-garde chef, while at Lostu the offer is more authentic, based on old Piedmontese recipes.

Ristorante Borgo Sant’Anna – Monforte d’Alba
* Michelin Star

Lostu – Monforte d’Alba


Lasagnetta with Barbera wine