Meeting entitled “Storie di vite, Vinum incontra il sociale”

May, 9 2020

At 4.00 p.m.

Cortile della Maddalena

Progetto Emmaus organizes a tasting of three excellent wines, which were awarded during the 2019 edition of the Sorsi Solidali (Solidarity Sips) contest, and tell the stories behind the high social value that distinguishes them.

“We believed and continue to believe that civilization, before economic progress, means a social organization always mindful of the needs of all citizens with a particularly good look at the weakest people and those in trouble.”
This Cooperative has always distinguished itself for the NON-PROFIT purpose of its social activities, as well as for the choice to devolve part of its income to local solidarity projects, not necessarily linked to the specific sector managed by the Cooperative. In this Center, they always put their guests first, so that they could give the most adequate answers to the real needs of each person and their family.