Workshop on grappas

April 26, 2020

At 6.00 p.m.

Cortile della Maddalena - Sala Beppe Fenoglio

€ 20.00 Online only: € 18.00

From 18th October 2017, the Consorzio Tutela Grappa del Piemonte e Grappa di Barolo, a new associative identity assumed by the previous association of distillers established in Asti in 1993 bearing the name of Istituto Grappa Piemonte, is now officially registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Asti. Today, it is an important partnership that represents, with its 19 affiliated companies, the highest expression in Piedmont for the production and trading of grappa in all its types.
The new Consortium is headquartered in Asti and has among its main tasks – mentioned in its Statute – the protection of the economic, cultural and traditional value of Piedmontese Grappas with geographical indication, preserving its denomination, delving into administrative, fiscal and regulatory issues, promoting actions for the economic exploitation of the sector and the production chain of the Piedmontese grappas in Italy and in foreign countries, giving information and arranging events for the promotion and knowledge of this product, maintaining relations with public, professional and supervisory authorities, as well as dealing with research and data storage.